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Real Possibilities in Action


Our social mission is to align the benefits gained from collaboration with the greater needs of our community to create value at every level

​We acknowledge that the responsibility of providing healthcare to our community is our privilege . In fact, almost every client who seeks our services is a neighbor, a friend, a guest of our community, or overall a member of a greater family that we call “our town.” We believe that we can do better when our community does better. Our goal is to develop a platform where collaboration among various groups with different needs could create value and solutions for everyone involved, while our community becomes the natural beneficiary of such alliances.

We aim to translate your support of IES into tangible backing for the many local community programs which in turn enrich the quality of life for all of us in our shared community. Our partnership with “Dentists for a Better Huntington” (DFBH)- a registered local non-profit charitable organization which has rendered support to the Huntington community with scholarships and contributions to organizations such as Family Service League, Heckscher Museum, Whaling Museum and many more in the past- will help in expanding its reach beyond its limited number of active local dentist members to all providers and patients who seeks high quality specialty root canal treatment and services with the added communal benefit of a positive social mission.

We pledge to donate a portion of our profits to “Dentists for a Better Huntington” to support their ongoing charitable contributions to our community for the years to come. But, we can’t do this alone! We believe that by creating exceptional value through our services, we can attract and nurture natural partnerships among those who seek quality endodontic treatment and personalized services. Ultimately, such "win-all" partnerships will result in tangible charitable support for many of our local community's social, cultural, and educational programs and services.

Real possibilities can be achieved with the collective force of small acts. The “Butterfly Effect” refers to instances where small variations in initial conditions in a system can result in significant changes later down the line. The tiny changes we make do in fact make a difference. And when those tiny changes are aggregated among many people, we can truly make a real difference in our community and our lives. Help us accomplish our social mission. Show your support for our mission and our shared community. Become an “IES Social Butterfly”!