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Welcome to IES! ​We are a locally owned and operated dental practice which specializes in the science and art of root canal treatment.  We are your root canal treatment specialists! Our experienced team of experts has come together to consistently deliver positive endodontic treatment experiences to all stakeholders involved.  Our specialized treatment services are often coordinated with your personal dentists or other healthcare experts who collaborate to plan, support, and deliver treatment options which aim to most predictably meet your specific needs and outcome expectations. Please visit our "Patients" pages to learn more about us and our quality treatment options and services. Thank you for your confidence in our practice!

​​Welcome to IES

Root Canal Specialists

Our Values- We believe that the most successful and fulfilled healthcare providers are those who make values non-negotiable.

  • We make decisions & take actions based on the highest levels of ethical & moral standards
  • ​We are transparent in our intent & clear in the way we communicate
  • ​We believe that the responsibility to care for our community is a privilege, not our right
  • We deliver our brand of quality treatment & patient focused services with empathy, patience, precision, diligence and respect
  • ​We succeed not through competition and the undermining of others, but through combining and compounding our forces
  • ​We are your reliable partners in care​​

Our visionis an integrated system of healthcare providers linked together to encourage professional partnerships, coordinate services, and make collaborations that focus the continuum of dental healthcare delivery around the best care for patients and the best treatment outcomes.

Our mission is to create a seamless path for all stakeholders (patients, generalist providers, specialist providers) to come together in support of consistently creating positive endodontic therapy experiences.